WEMIX onboarding Kairos Global & Icarus M on the WEMIX platform

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Inven Global

WEMIX team is onboarding Kairos Global [by Tigon Mobile] & Icarus M [by Valofe] on the WEMIX platform. Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, has already published a P&E game Yulgang Global on the WEMIX platform back in April. Kairos Global, which is to onboard the WEMIX platform, used the IP of Kairos: Lighter of Darkness by Longtu Korea that reached 800,000 downloads and raised $40 million in revenue in Korea. The game will offer boss battles, naval battles, mine capture and more to present powerful action and the fun of growing characters. Kairos Global will be implementing Tigon token…

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